Thursday, November 1, 2007

DNic and Mookie have homes

DNic is is now a member of the most of you knew by now...but he has survived the final cut as the Cavs cut Tolliver to trim the roster to the 14 players they need.

Heres the link:

Cavs Transactions

DNic was at the game yesterday for the Cavs but did not play as expected...Hopefully he'll get a chance soon enough.

Also in the news was the fact that Mookie made the Kings roster...well at least for now. This is somewhat of a surprise to me, although he did play extremely well during the pre-season.

More to come later as I have returned since the bball season is back!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Midnight Madness

Just a couple quick thoughts on midnight madness:

First of all I think it is great for Syracuse to be participating in midnight madness this coming year! It is going to be great for the fans and a great chance for the incoming freshmen to play in front of 10,000+ screaming fans! No better way to get them used to the dome than to actually get them used to the dome! Hopefully no one gets hurt though trying to showboat for the fans!

Secondly, I better see fans show up to this! Gross and Jimmy B are finally giving fans something they have wanted, so the fans better respond! I know there was only 3,000+ fans at the football teams first scrimmage, but that's the football team! I can't even name 10 starters on the football team! Fans better show up and support this team for what looks like it will be a very entertaining (if nothing else) season!


Monday, April 23, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts and lack of any sort of action on here! I have been really busy with a new job and a new home so I haven't had the time to post. Plus, I was trying to wait a month to post anything after the NIT was over. But anyways I am back and ready for this coming year!

I watched the Jordan Classic the other day and noticed two things about Donte that I hope was just him playing in an all star game. First of all, in the few games I have seen of him, he seems very disintereted in playing any type of defense. Like I said, this could just be because he has been playing in all star games, but his lack of motivation on the defensive end scares me. Secondly, he has got to rebound more! I realize he is very thin and will probably develop more in the coming years, but he also needs to attack the boards with a purpose. I'm sure Jimmy B will make sure Donte looks out for these two points before the season begins.

With the upcoming season about 7 months away here is my starting 5 prediction:

PG: Flynn (Wright will probably start at the beginning and then give way)
SG: Devo
SF: Harris/Greene
PF: Harris/Greene
C: Onuaku

Top bench players (in order of minutes): Rautins, Jackson, Wright, Scoop, Brennan-McBride, and Williams will redshirt

The reason I have Harris and Greene in both positions is because it depends on the situation. I think these two match up well against whatever defense is against them. If Harris is guarded by a smaller man then he posts up and plays inside as the 4. If he gets a bigger man on him then that makes Greene the 3 with a smaller man on him and he can shoot over him. All depends on the matchups that the defense deploys. Should be interesting to watch these two depending on the defenses.

On defense I think you will see Syracuse play a lot more man2man this year as long as Donte can hold up against a bigger defender. If not then the zone will take away the fact that Greene and Harris wouldn't be playing a set position as they both would be on the wings of the zone. I can see Harris guarding the other teams 4 man straight up without a problem so again it should be interesting to watch.

Looking at the team on paper the Orange have a chance to start 4 McDonald's All Americans. Yes, it may look like the UConn team of last year but that UConn team had no Juniors or Seniors, this Orange team has enough experience to carry the youngsters. Plus Flynn and Greene have developed a good bit of chemistry during these All Star games to make it fun to watch. Oh and don't forget Flynn and Harris used to be teammates! I know I am looking forward to this year. I'm always optimistic though...


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now that the dust has settled...

I would just like to say first off that I correctly picked 63 of the 65 teams correctly in my mock brackets below (same as Mr. Lunardi). I had Syracuse and Drexel in and Stanford and Arkansas out.

Now, what I would like to say is what I have been telling my friends for the last two days. I think the committee got 63-64 of the 65 teams correct. I think the last 3-4 spots should have came down to Illinois, Arkansas, Stanford, Purdue, Syracuse, Drexel, and Kansas State. Now of this group the committee took four of them. No one can sit here and tell me, someone who watches as much college basketball as any of the experts, that Syracuse is not one of the four best teams out of that group! I have no problem with Stanford, Purdue, and Illinois being in the tournament as I think they are all deserving. But, I have a big problem with Arkansas!

The problem I see is this: If Arkansas isn't in then should Syracuse be in over Drexel? Yes Drexel beat Syracuse head to head...But, the game was played over two months ago! Drexel couldn't beat the top teams in the CAA how could they beat the top teams in the Big East like the Orange did? The committee is getting too wrapped up in numbers and not looking at the teams as a whole. If Syracuse and Drexel and Arkansas all played on a neutral court 20 times who would win the majority? That is the question that should be asked. You give Syracuse a shot at any of them in their own building and the Orange would win 7 of 10 times! Those are the facts the committee should look at.

One more point I would like to make about the snub is that of Villanova. I have been saying all year that I thought they should be in the tournament if they made a run. My predictions in a previous post way back when stated this fact that if they could get to better than 9-7 and make a run in the BE tourney that they would be in. Well, they finished at 9-7 and won just one game in the tourney. Oh, and they finished 9th!

I have been just taking the high RPI of Villanova for granted all year, saying 'Oh their RPI is high so they must have beaten some teams.' Well let me look at their resume, especially non-conference: Lost at Xavier...Won at Iowa (who is terrible), Won at Oklahoma (who is terrible), Lost at home to Drexel, Wont at home to Temple (who is terrible), Won at home to Texas (best win of the year...Now the Big East: Lost at WV, at Syracuse, at ND, at Marquette, Lost at home to Depaul, Pitt, and GTown...Wins: ND, LVille, and Syracuse at home...GTown, and Providence were the big road wins.

Looking at this resume you get: Texas, Penn, ND, Lville, and GTown as the only tourney teams they beat...They lost to Xavier, ND, Marquette, Pitt, and GTown...That is a 5-5 record against tourney teams...Same as Syracuse! Looking deeper at this just makes me hate the RPI even more!

The bottom line is that is Villanova is a 9 seed and Arkansas is in the tourney, then how in the world can you not say that Syracuse is one of the 34 best at large teams? Yes Nova went and played teams on the road, but Oklahoma? Iowa? losing to Xavier? If you say that Syracuse played too many teams at home and lost to the ones they should have won then the same goes for Nova...Just because they played teams on the road doesn't make them a better team.

I was going to make some points about seeding in the NCAA tourney that I thought are way off, but what's the point? Ill just say that Niagara should not be in the play-in game! I'm not going to boycott the NIT because I think the seniors deserve more than that. Lets go out and not only win the NIT but just destroy the field. Jimmy should not let up. If they get up by 15+ just put the hammer down and drive the stake deeper! Make it a WV/Syracuse final so the committee can see just how tough the Big East actually is!

Watch the game tomorrow and treat it like a stepping stone for next year, because that's what Ill be doing!


Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm no expert but...

Ok, I don't want to blog about how Syracuse was snubbed because a case can be made for or against them getting in the tourney. What I don't understand is that if they left them out because they didn't play any true non conference opponents then why was Drexel left off? Drexel played Villanova, Syracuse, and Creighton on the road and beat all three. If non-conference road games is what is important then Drexel should be there.

If the unbalanced league schedule is a problem then how is Arkansas in? They went 7-9 in the WORST major conference in the country! 7-9! Syracuse went 10-6 with wins over Georgetown, Marquette, Villanova, Providence, and Depaul...Who did Arkansas beat? The swept Vanderbilt, Ill give them that. But, they swept Alabama who just wasn't very good all year and they finished FOURTH in the SEC West! Just don't understand what the committee was thinking.

As for my mock bracket I did below. I may have gotten some of the seeds wrong, but I missed just TWO teams! I had Syracuse and Drexel in and I had Stanford and Arkansas out. Arkansas never even crossed my mind! I missed the exact same number as Joe Lunardi! He also has Syracuse and Drexel in, but he missed Illinois and Old Dominion. Just goes to show you that the "experts" can just about guess like the rest of us!

What a shame!


Friday, March 9, 2007

Brackets Are Done! (UPDATED 3-10)

We finished the brackets quicker than anticipated. The brackets are below...What is strange is that we didn't look at Joe Lunardi's bracket until the very end and we have very similar results and seeds. Maybe I do think like Joe.

Anyways, please provide comments and let me have it! The brackets are up to date through games played yesterday. I have taken the Joe Lunardi approach and give you my last four teams in and last four teams out. Props must be given to my good friends Andy and Will who helped out with the brackets!

Here we go:

WEST (San Jose)

(1) UCLA
(16) North Texas

(8) Arizona
(9) Xavier

(5) Tennesse
(12) Illinois

(4) UNLV
(13) New Mexico St

(6) Butler
(11) Drexel

(3) Washington St
(14) Texas A&M Corpus Christie

Winston Salem
(7) Boston College
(10) Winthrop

(2) Texas A&M
(15) Niagara

EAST (East Rutherford)

New Orleans
(1) Florida
(16) Delaware St

(8) Villanova
(9) Indiana

(5) Maryland
(12) Old Dominion

(4) Nevada
(13) Holy Cross

(6) Virginia Tech
(11) Gonzaga

(3) Pittsburgh
(14) Penn

(7) Creighton
(10) VCU

(2) Wisconsin
(15) Eastern Kentucky

MIDWEST (St. Louis)

(1) Ohio St
(16) Central Connecticut

(8) USC
(9) Kentucky

(5) Notre Dame
(12) George Washington

(4) Texas
(13) Toledo

(6) BYU
(11) Purdue

(3) Southern Illinois
(14) Vermont

New Orleans
(7) Duke
(10) Texas Tech

(2) Georgetown
(15) Long Beach

SOUTH (San Antonio)

(1) Kansas
(16) Weber St/Miss. Valley St

(8) Vanderbilt
(9) Syracuse

(5) Virginia
(12) Davidson

(4) Louisville
(13) Wright St

(6) Marquette
(11) Georgia Tech

(3) Memphis
(14) Oral Roberts

(7) Oregon
(10) Michigan St

(2) North Carolina
(15) Belmont

Here is the run down of seeds (they are not ranked in order):

1 seeds:
Ohio St

2 Seeds:
North Carolina
Texas A&M

3 Seeds:
Southern Illinois
Washington St

4 Seeds:

5 Seeds:
Notre Dame

6 Seeds:
Virginia Tech

7 Seeds:
Boston College

8 Seeds:

9 Seeds:

10 Seeds:
Texas Tech
Michigan St

11 Seeds:
Georgia Tech

12 Seeds:
Old Dominion
George Washington

13 Seeds:
New Mexico St
Wright St
Holy Cross

14 Seeds:
Texas A&M – Corpus
Oral Roberts

15 Seeds:
Eastern Kentucky
Long Beach

16 Seeds:
North Texas
Central Connecticut
Delaware St
Weber St/Miss Valley St

Bids By Conference:
Big East (7)
ACC (7)
Big Ten (6)
Pac – 10 (5)
Big 12 (4)
SEC (4)
Colonial (3)
Mountain West (2)
Missouri Valley (2)
Horizon (2)
WAC (2)
Atlantic 10 (2)

Last 4 in:
Old Dominion
Georgia Tech

Last 4 Out:
Florida St

Get ready for Sunday night

After a tough loss yesterday to Notre Dame I just can't believe all the so called Orange fans who are debating whether or not the Orange is in the NCAA's! I mean come on...are you serious? 10-6 in the Big East and a big end to the season and these Orange "fans" have them out and WV in?This debate will be going on up until Selection Sunday and probably even after that, but the facts are clear...if you want to put WV in the tourney then the Orange has to be in!

Syracuse could have easily won the Notre Dame game had our big men (most notably TRob) made some damn free throws. Notre Dame is a great shooting team, no question about it, and I said going into the game that Syracuse doesn't match up well against them. Just think about, Syracuse scored their second most points in a Big East game this year (the most was also against Notre Dame), and still lost the game. Notre Dame shoots the ball so well as a team that it is so hard for Syracuse to match up to everyone. I am personally not worried about this team. They are going to make it to the big dance as no better than a 9 seed. Personally I would like to see them be an 11 or 12 seed because the second round matchups would be better.

For those people still wondering whether or not Syracuse should be in the tournament, I say give me 4 or 5 teams that you feel are better than them that are on the bubble. You wouldn't be able to find them. Syracuse is not a lock on anybody's brackets, but they are a lock in my opinion!

I started my mock brackets a few days ago and I am going to finish my bracket today at work, as it will be a slow day in the office! I will post my mock bracket selections later in the look forward to them!